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JS Minds is a place full of trusted and highly qualifieddevelopers that are getting constantly connected to new job opportunities, as well as to each other.


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Thanks to our qualifying process, you can access remoteopportunities from the hottest startups from London, Berlin, and Amsterdam.


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  • Only Experienced Developers

    We require at least 2 years of commercial experience in React.

  • Fluent English

    Our projects come from all around Europe and the World. This is why fluent English is a must-have.

  • Ambitious

    Our goal is to create the best React community in the World. We seek people who can proactively help us to grow together

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    After reviewing your resume, you will receive an online task tailor-made to your presented skills.

  • Interview

    If the task been done well, we will invite you for the online interview, in which we will have the opportunity to meet much better!

Our developers worked for:

  • Financial Times
  • Forbes
  • Daily Mail
  • Hunt Scanion
  • World Executive Search Congress
  • Staffing Industry Analysts
David P.

David P.

Fullstack Techlead Developper: Node React Apollo

  • React JS 10/10

  • JavaScript 10/10

  • TypeScript 9/10

  • Node.js 10/10

Jakub D.

Jakub D.

Senior React Team Leader and Trainer

  • React JS 10/10

  • React Native 5/10

  • JavaScript 10/10

  • TypeScript 10/10

Kate K.

Kate K.

Senior UI / Front-end Developer and Trainer

  • Gatsby JS 9/10

  • React JS 9/10

  • JavaScript 8/10

  • TypeScript 7/10

Rafal G

Rafal G.

React & React Native developer with training experience

  • React JS 10/10

  • React Native 6/10

  • JavaScript 10/10

  • TypeScript 9/10

Joanna D

Joanna D.

Senior UI / Front-end Developer with training experience

  • React JS 9/10

  • Design Systems 10/10

  • JavaScript 9/10

  • TypeScript 8/10

Tom C

Tom C.

Expert React & TypeScript Developer

  • React JS 10/10

  • Next JS 9/10

  • JavaScript 10/10

  • TypeScript 10/10

Tom M

Tom M.

React & React Native Developer with team leading experience

  • React JS 9/10

  • React Native 7/10

  • JavaScript 10/10

  • TypeScript 10/10

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